Book Review: Son of Hamas

Biographies and memoirs have been a preferred literary genre for me. They fulfill my desire to discover how one life can make an impact in this world. Such is the story of Mosab Hassan Yousef, author of Son of Hamas. It is difficult not to mention that he is the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of the founders of the internationally notorious terrorist organization known as Hamas.

Informative, arresting and emotional— the story he retells in his new book reads like a script for a spy flick. He covers the history of the founding of Hamas within the context of his own personal story. All of this, from an insider’s perspective.  As the eldest son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, he narrates how he was prepared to follow in his father’s footsteps. He truthfully but compassionately explains how the charitable qualities of the Muslim faith are over-shadowed by the dark side of Islam — one that is deathly violent.

What makes Mosab’s memoir noteworthy and inspiring is his decision to stand head-on against the tyranny of death and in doing, helped saved thousands of Palestinian and Israeli lives by working as a double agent with Israel’s Shin Bet. His self-sacrificing story is reminiscent of another Middle Eastern man whose mission to save lives also deemed him a traitor by family, friends and community, eventually causing him to lose his life. Mosab slowly embraced the teachings of Jesus and came to understand that he is the only answer for peace in the Middle East.

Mosab Hassan Yousef’s pivotal position between the Palestinians and Israelis is a call to Christians to bridge the gap between Muslims, Jews and Christians with the radical, life-giving love of Jesus, who stood in the gap for humanity — not only for the Jewish people but for the Muslim, for the Hindu, for the Buddhist, for the Christian and for the atheist as well.



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One thought on “Book Review: Son of Hamas

  1. Sharon Cousins says:

    Thanks Ibelisse for your review about Mosab Hassan Yousef “Son of Hamas”. An extraordinary man who lived dangerously, helped many people and now has found true and everlasting peace.

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