My Will Be Done?

My?  Wait a minute.  Isn’t it suppose to read, “Your will be done”?  To the detriment of our souls, “I” predominates in the prideful heart of humanity.  We are constantly seeking to do our will and gratify our own desires.  There is someone who challenges us to think, feel, and behave differently than what comes naturally to our flesh.  Jesus teaches us through word and deed that we are to surrender our will to the Father.  Christ demonstrated this when He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane.  The extent of His mental, spiritual, and emotional anguish found its physical expressive outlet through His bloodied sweat.  His flesh desperately struggled with the deepest of humankind’s innate drive, that of self-preservation.  But, He chose to submit His will to the Father’s, even unto death.  His intimate relationship with the Father revealed that to truly live, we have to offer our most prized possession — our self.

The essence of our soul includes our thoughts, our will and our emotions — reflecting what we think, what we want, and what we feel.  We encounter the daily struggle to suppress the self-centered tendencies that plague us as humans, in our efforts to honor God by surrendering our lives to His leading.  The Apostle Paul teaches us that our lives are to be led by God when he says, “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”  This can be felt as a deep assault against the marrow of our souls…our pride…our will…our “I.”  However, we are reminded that the downfall of Lucifer was his pride.  As pride’s direct opposite, humility is to be held captive by our hearts.

Reverent humility before God puts our lives in His omnipotent hands as we cease to live for ourselves.  The Son of the living God became a humble servant to God’s will and in turn God bestowed power into His life.  We are reminded that when we are weak we are made strong through the presence of Christ in our lives.  When we surrender our will to God, we allow His power to reign supreme in our lives.  That is what it means to live for Christ and for Christ to live in us.  When we come to understand the magnitude of this truth in our lives we willingly surrender our all to the Father, simply because we realize that apart from God we can do nothing.


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