Lonely NOT Alone

There are times in our lives when we feel like there is absolutely no one to depend on.  Some of the friends that professed loyalty have vanished.  Family is consumed with their own problems.  There is no one around to fill that hole of loneliness in the depths of our innermost self. That may be our lived reality but it is not the truth.  That is a mind game the enemy plays with us in our most vulnerable moments.  He tricks us into believing that we are truly alone.  In our pain, we become desperate trying to fill ourselves with second rate love, friendships, and activities that leave us feeling even more spiritually dehydrated than we were before. Way down deep in our soul a voice is crying out to us.  We hear it faintly because we have been listening to lies for so long.  It is lovingly but persistently trying to get us to realize that only God’s love satiates. It is through tough experiences that we learn to depend solely on God for everything.  When all is taken away, we learn to trust in God, because we realize that He is all we have and all we will ever need.  He helps us sift through our lives and discard thoughts, behaviors, and relationships that are not spiritually edifying.  We go through these seasons in our lives in order to discover that the primary relationship in life that will sustain us and give us the power to stand firm despite the raging storms, is one with God.

We are never alone, even when the world is telling us otherwise.  How can we realize the eternal truth of our total dependence on God, if we seemingly have everything we need?  How can we truly love God above everyone and everything if we do not learn that there is no one that will ever love us more? Even through the loss of a loved one, we realize that God’s comfort and care outweighs and outlasts any other.  His love is unparalleled and unquenchable.  When we realize the fraud that the world offers, we turn to the authentic source of our wholeness as human beings.  Tuning into God’s wavelength gives us clearer reception in order to hear the truth.  The static of deceitful messages disappears and we hear words of hope and comfort.  We fill ourselves with God’s love and strength until it overflows and we are now able to accept the destiny God has in store for us.


6 thoughts on “Lonely NOT Alone

  1. spoken like one who has journeyed that path of loneliness on more than one occasion. this spoke to me (a fellow sojourner). thank you for sharing!

    1. I’m truly touched that this spoke to you, Chrystal. Afterall, that’s why we write. If our words reach one person, they were worth the experience/pain behind them. By the way, you have a wonderful blog!

  2. tj says:

    I once felt lonely all the time. After all, I was born an only child; raised by just my mom; raising two as a single mom. For the past year, I have felt no more loneliness. I am really having a ball. On this earth, it seems that I am alone, but in my spirit I am full, entertained, peaceful, and joyful.

    I just commented on “Give a girl a fig” saying being alone has been “my thorn”. It has taught me to appreciate what God placed in me, and keeps me coming back to the throne to depend on Him, especially since all my life there has been very few or no one standing nearby.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing a part your personal story with us, TJ! I’m sure it will bless those who read your comment. I think all of us want to feel understood and sometimes we think we’re the only ones going through a particular problem. Not so! That’s why I appreciate you chiming in and sharing your faith. May God continue to comfort you!

  3. Ibelisse, this fed my soul. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing it with my 17 year old son, who has struggled with the faces of loneliness you so aptly describe. Thank you for words beyond my own. May they reach through the pain and loneliness in my son’s heart with the tender message of God’s perfect healing love.

    1. Cindee, your comment left me speechless. It is my heart’s most earnest desire that God’s love and comfort flow through this broken vessel and touch lives. May your son experience the unconditional fatherhood and friendship of God as the most precious relationship in his life!

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