Eternal Rock

When Jesus taught the multitudes what we have come to know as the Sermon on the Mount, He closed with a caution to the hearers of His words.  He compared anyone who heard His words and acted on them to a wise person for building his house upon a rock foundation.  Whoever did not obey His words He deemed foolish for building his house upon the sand, which ultimately fell when rain, floods, and wind beat upon it.

Christ is the rock of our salvation.  He is the safe haven that shelters us from life’s storms.  As the rains descend, we find our hiding place in Him.  We do not have to run and seek refuge elsewhere. Strong is His dwelling place and the peace of His presence calms the tempests within and around us.

Christ is the life-giving spiritual rock.  When Moses smote the rock in the desert of Zin, an abundance of water poured out to quench the thirst of the children of Israel.  However, drinking the flood of poisonous lies that the world offers drowns our soul.  Despite the world’s deluge of ways to gratify ourselves, only Jesus offers us the spiritual drink that leads to resurrection life.

Christ is the unmovable rock.  He is the Truth that remains despite the winds of change evidenced in ephemeral philosophies born out of Godless minds.  Superficial ideas come tumbling down due to their shaky foundations.  The Truth will never change for it is eternal and the shifting winds all around us will find in Him a stumbling stone against which they shall not prevail.

Build an altar upon the Rock of Ages and offer Him your life.  Edify yourself upon the truth of God’s Word.  Fortify yourself against the onslaught of the enemy with the power and wisdom of God which is Christ Jesus, so that you may also build others up in Him.  Only by building our house upon the Eternal Rock can we be assured that we will not be soaked in lies, tossed about by violent winds, and drowned by the deep, dark waters of a lost and foolish world.


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