Book Review: Escaping the Cauldron

Kristine McGuire shares her personal experience as a witch, ghost hunter and medium in her first book, Escaping the Cauldron: Collection One – Ghosts and the Paranormal. She recounts how ghost stories, Ouija boards, séances and other supernatural events had an influence in her childhood — piquing her interest in the occult. As an adult, McGuire slowly wanders from her Christian faith and embraces witchcraft — only to return to Christianity as a result of a paranormal experience she never expected.

This book provides a steady and riveting balance of personal anecdotes, facts and scriptural responses to long-held assumptions regarding witchcraft, ghosts and paranormal events. In offering an informative insider’s view of ghost hunting, mediums, haunting spirits, dangerous games, spirit guides and witchcraft, McGuire shines a bright light into the dark world of the occult and exposes it for what it really is.

Witchcraft is a subject that has taken our culture by storm in a barrage of books, films and TV shows mostly aimed at today’s youth — deceptively offered as an alternative to mainstream religion.  McGuire has dared to share the story of her detour from Christianity into the world of the occult and back. In doing so, she is aiding countless individuals and families caught in the throngs of its practices with no apparent way out.

Escaping the Cauldron is also a clarion call to the Christian Church to confront these issues and not ignore the need for knowledge and grace-filled intervention. McGuire boldly proclaims the truth in this eye-opening, challenging and desperately needed book in the 21st century — as information  and spiritual thirst increases in this world of masquerading lies.

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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Escaping the Cauldron

  1. I came to your site through following Kristine on tweet. I have enjoyed the posts I read, and will be following on facebook and tweet. I would give this book as a gift. I’ll be back soon.

  2. Thank you so much for the review, Ibelisse 😀

    Patzy: I know about the book you’re referencing. Rebecca Brown’s book is dealing with Satanism. While Satan is certainly the source behind all occult activities (such as the ones I was involved in and write about in Escaping the Cauldron), my book does not cover or discuss Satanism. I hope you’ll consider giving my book a read 😀

  3. Escaping the Cauldron has been re-written, expanded, and is being published by Charisma House. The new book will be available in book stores on September 4, 2012 and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

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