Film Review: Maggie’s Passage

In an age when the issues young women are facing are spotlighted by celebrity profiles, the film Maggie’s Passage steps in and offers the missing component not covered in the media blitz—hope for a way out and a second chance.

Maggie (Ali Faulkner) is a young woman mourning the loss of her adoptive father. In her desperate search for love and her birth mother, she runs far from home, leaving her adoptive mother (Janine Turner) behind and becomes entangled in a world that strips her of her dignity and identity.  It is not until she comes face to face with the truth of God’s word that her circumstances begin to change. Maggie encounters Grace (Sheran Keyton), a faith-filled homeless woman, three of her homeless friends and Max (Mike Norris), a grief-stricken man.

Grace is without shelter, yet she is at home in her heart’s passion to help the people she encounters. She is a metaphor for the way the grace of God is out in the open and available to all. Both Grace and Max, set aside their own struggles long enough to help Maggie. These divinely orchestrated meetings prove that the roads we are on cross each other at just the right time and that even the slightest encounter can dramatically impact another person’s life.

Directed by Mike Norris (Birdie & Bogey) and written by Norris and Ray Normandin, the vision behind Maggie’s Passage is timely in addressing two prevalent social issues within the main storyline. This film lends its lens to headlining teen prostitution, falling under the global umbrella of human trafficking and divesting women of their innate worth. It also shrewdly portrays homeless people as unexpected representations of God’s beauty, as human as any of us and just as valuable; demonstrating how God uses the unlikeliest of people to fulfill His purposes.

Maggie’s Passage is a story about how the love of God swoops us up from the pit of mire we sometimes find ourselves in and holds us close to His heart, even in our grimy state —like a mother with her newborn.

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  1. I loved your review of the film. Like an onion there were many layers to this film. Most focused on adoption. Fine. But I agree whole heartedly with how you saw the film. Hope you enjoyed it.
    Chasing What Matters,

  2. This sounds like a very inspirational movie. This is a problem that has long been overlooked, and I am excited to know that there is a faith-based film that addresses these issues.

  3. I loved your review. This sounds like an inspiring movie, covering a timely subject matter in how faith in God can help in all situations.

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