Music Review: Home

Jimmy Ward’s debut CD Home is a spiritually aromatic mélange of rock music, God-centered lyrics and heavenly singing. Ward brings his experience as the worship leader of Warehouse Christian Ministries to our ears—bidding us to seek God’s presence through praise and worship. Ward’s mission through this musical work thrives—a total surrender to the reality that “home” is where the presence of God is. Every other place is too far.

Home is a compilation of songs written or co-written by Jimmy Ward and other previously produced and/or well-known songs. From the medieval pen of Francis of Assisi, Home begins with “All Creatures of Our God and King” and ends with a 1674 “Doxology” by Thomas Ken. In between these musical bookends are contemporary tracks, such as Newsboys’, “It is You,” Chris Tomlin’s and Matt Redman’s “Wonderful Maker,” and David Crowder’s “I Need Words.”

It is Ward’s original songs, such as the title track “Home”, “Here Before You,” and “In Your Hands,” however, that provides the grounding and the glue for the entire CD, causing the past and the present to run alongside each other and uniting the spiritual and the earthly through a musical art aimed at worship that knows no time or space and that extends beyond church doors. Ward’s debut CD leads us where our spirits are completely at home—drenched in the eternal and revitalizing presence of God.


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