Isn’t it Time for a Coffee Break?

CoffeeBreakIsn’t it Time for a Coffee Break? Author Amelia Rhodes undeniably thinks so. Her debut book by the same title challenges women to seriously consider making time for friendships with other Godly women as part and parcel of living life.

Rhodes offers a smooth and aromatic read you can visually gobble up in a few hours. This pop art-esque designed book offers a handful of spiritual seeds you can sow in order to reap a rich and overflowing brew of friendship.

Using a coffee metaphor skillfully woven throughout, Rhodes expands on the essentials of love, honesty, encouragement, prayer, generosity, hospitality, forgiveness, and unity. The author also graces the pages of her book with personal anecdotes harvested from her journey through friendship.

With discussion questions at the end of each chapter, this book is perfectly suited for a women’s Bible study or book club. It’s a wise handbook for women who desire to be more intentional in their relationships with other women.

As I read the book, I instantly thought of a particular friend God has blessed me with this past year. She’s a kindred spirit. It’s hard to imagine life without those types of friendships.

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