Avenue of Dreams

image1What if we walked down a path expecting to meet ourselves in the future. One second and the next minute. An hour later. Not a day late. A month of encounters and a year of dreams fulfilled. Not ephemeral ones that vanish when our hopes are dashed but revelations plucked from the heart of the promise keeper.

Unexpected days laid out before us. Opportunities at each turn to think differently and to be different, to become the real us. To even take those dreaded steps dripping with pain yet slowly leaving those footprints behind with each step. And we keep moving forward trying not to get stuck in the cement of fear; paralyzed by the past, regrets, and our broken hearts. We slowly unhinge from what’s holding us back. Ourselves. And with each stride we become who we are meant to be. Not shining stars but beloved ones with pure hearts.

We reach forward. With every step, with every breath. Finally caressing what we hoped for. Pulling deep from His wells what we once envisioned. They were His desires for us. What He’s known all along. And He calls us by the name He alone knows. And we answer. And we finally see ourselves as we look into His eyes. And we lose ourselves in His love.


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